Installation and sales of Ce ISO 18ton tower cranes on construction sites

Best 18ton RCP7524-18 Topless Tower Crane for wide using18ton RCP7524-18 Topless Tower Crane Quick Details1. Jib length:75m2. Max. load:16t3. Tip load:2.4t4. Free height: 49.5meters5. MAX. height 155meters6. Power voltage: 380V/50Hz/440V 60Hz (or requirement)7. Mechanisam    Hoising mechanisam Lifting sp

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Best 18ton RCP7524-18 Topless Tower Crane for wide using

18ton RCP7524-18 Topless Tower Crane Quick Details
1. Jib length:75m
2. Max. load:16t
3. Tip load:2.4t
4. Free height: 49.5meters
5. MAX. height 155meters
6. Power voltage: 380V/50Hz/440V 60Hz (or requirement)
7. Mechanisam
    Hoising mechanisam Lifting speed:  0
    Slewing speed: 0-
    Trolley speed: 0-65
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Installing and Saling Ce ISO 18ton Tower Crane for Construction Site

Speicfications for 18ton Tower Crane For Construction Site
Specification for 18ton RCP7524-18 Topless Tower Crane
VersionTopless type
Free height 49.5meters
Max height 155meters
Jib length75 meters
Tip load2.4t @ 75meters
Max load18t @ 2.5~12.7meters
Hoisting mechanism  ↑↓75LVF45
Drum capacity500 meters
Lifting speed0~96m/min
Slewing mechanism  (⊙)145SVT
Slewing speed0-0.67r/min
Trolley mechanism  ←→7.5TVF
Trolley speed0-65m/min
Power voltage380V/50Hz/440V 60Hz (or requirement)
ColorYellow (Red,White,Blue optional)
Mast Section2X2X3m  L68B1
Mast section and Mast section connectionBy Pin
Fixing AngleIncluded 
Cabin (with air condition)Included
Telescoping cageIncluded
Pump and cylinderIncluded
Main cableIncluded
Basic mastIncluded

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Installing and Saling Ce ISO 18ton Tower Crane for Construction Site

Components of 18ton RCP7524-18 18ton Tower Crane For Construction Site
Main parts
(Each crane to be completed with the accessories)
1) 1 set hoisting mechanism 
2) 1 set slewing complete with slewing table, ring, reducer and motor
3) 1 set trolley mechanism 
4) 1 set luxury cabin with wide view sight, comfortable chair with air condition
5) 1 set counter jib 
6) 1 set jib 75M with tie bar
7) 1 set tower head 
8) 1 set telescoping cage(jacking cage) complete with pump, cylinder
9Full set mast section 
10) full set of standard accessories  
11) Electric Cable
12) Hoist wire rope
13Full set Electric control system(Main electrical components from Schneider)
14Full set of ladder and platform with galvanization
15) with anemography  
16) 1 set fixing angle 
17) 1 complete set counter frame(without concrete)
18) 1 set hook
19) 1 set trolley
20) Full set safety device: height limit, trolley limit, over speed limit, over load limit...
21) Complete Technical documents: Including one set of service manual.

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Installing and Saling Ce ISO 18ton Tower Crane for Construction Site

Our advantages for the 18ton RCP7524-18 Topless Tower Crane 
1The technology from advanced international technology, excellent quality with stable and reliable performance.
Strict testing standard.
2First-class production equipments and sophisticated testing instruments.
3Perfect welding, cutting, imperller blasting,drilling, electrostatic spraying and packing.
4Electronic Control System: Schneider.

Installing and Saling Ce ISO 18ton Tower Crane for Construction Site

♦ All parts and components of our tower cranes are equipped with 
♦ advanced coating production line
♦ CNC machining centers 
♦ CNC pipe cutting machine
♦ welding robot
♦ All kinds of testing equipment, and provide hardware guarantee for producing high quality tower cranes 
♦ Every structural component is designed and engineered to be transported in standard trucking dimensions with no need for oversize permits and shipped internationally in 40 foot high cubes.
♦ The implementation of safety above all else is imperative in our day-to-day operations, ensuring the highest level of compliancy to the established industry inspection standards and safety procedures to minimize the risk to human life, and to guarantee that everyone returns safely to their family every day. 

Installing and Saling Ce ISO 18ton Tower Crane for Construction Site

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