Mentor: WS Tyler to commemorate 150 years in business

2023-03-14 00:38:37 By : Ms. Nina Zhou

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Mentor: WS Tyler to commemorate 150 years in business

Maintaining a successful business for a century-and-a-half is a significant accomplishment, but W.S. Tyler in Mentor believes its 150th anniversary is just the beginning in many ways.

W.S. Tyler, a woven wire mesh company that specializes in industrial woven wire, filtration and particle analysis, is celebrating its 150-year milestone in 2022.

“150 years is a significant achievement, but it is just the story so far,” W.S. Tyler President John Rosbottom said. “This company, with this ownership and these employees, will celebrate many more of these types of anniversaries.”

According to a company news release, W.S. Tyler opened its doors in Cleveland in 1872 and its first big break occurred in 1910 when the company developed a scientifically backed test sieve series known as the Tyler Standard Scale Sieve Series. This would eventually serve as the foundation of the ASTM E-11 standard, which is one of the most respected standards in the particle analysis industry today.

They capitalized on this success to roll out the RO-TAP] Sieve Shaker, which quickly became the gold standard of the particle analysis industry.

The news release also stated that in 1998, W.S. Tyler was acquired by German-based Haver & Boecker. The combined knowledge and technical experience of the two companies, coupled with the domestic strength of the W.S. Tyler brand, provided new opportunities in the worlds of filtration, industrial woven wire cloth and architectural products.

“Our ownership, Haver & Boecker, have re-established the values that made this company great to begin with,” Rosbottom said. “They, too, are fast approaching 150 years in the industry, and it is clear that they are committed to the long-term growth of the whole organization. Their ongoing support and reinvestment into W.S. Tyler is fundamental to what makes us successful.”

Amid the obstacles presented over the past 150 years, from supply chain issues to recessions, global wars and pandemics, W.S. Tyler’s vision of providing valuable woven wire solutions has remained constant.

“Think about it, this company is 150 years old. Think about how much the world has changed in the last 20 years, and then try to imagine how much it’s changed in 150 years. It’s amazing what we’ve been through and that we’re still here today looking forward to the future,” Rosbottom said.

W.S. Tyler is located at 8570 Tyler Blvd.

Mentor: WS Tyler to commemorate 150 years in business

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