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2021-12-25 09:23:33 By : Mr. Jayden wang

Bruce Paul founded Passion Lighting with his wife, Gloria, about 15 years ago.

Passion Lighting is a full-service showroom with thousands of lighting products on display. The 13,000-square-foot facility showcases the latest in modern, contemporary, landscaping and transitional lighting.

Founded in 2006, Passion Lighting began with an entirely empty room but was soon renovated into a premier showroom, and has since again, been completely remodeled.

Located in Grapevine, Passion Lighting sells more than 100 lighting brands. Its inventory of more than 500,000 products includes a range of light fixtures — including a wide variety of wall lanterns, modern wall sconces, and traditional to transitional chandeliers — and a huge selection of ceiling fans.

It is the only showroom in the state that offers in-house design and installation of landscaping lighting, including some of the most creative and unique approaches to lighting a host of challenging properties.

Owner Bruce Paul, who founded the business more than 15 years ago, is one of few American Lighting Association lighting consultants in Texas.

We asked him about his role in the lighting industry.

Fort Worth Magazine: Tell us a bit about your experience before opening Passion Lighting.

Paul: I earned an undergraduate degree in accounting and a master’s degree in international business from the University of Texas at Arlington. I was a CPA until I started Passion Lighting in 2006 and was the Chief Financial Officer for Meletio Lighting in Dallas.

Fort Worth Magazine: Why did you decide to start your own lighting business?

Paul: Lighting is my passion. When I was working at Meletio Lighting, I noticed there were a lot of gaps in the industry, and there were a lot of things that weren’t being done. I recognized the demand and opened Passion Lighting in 2006.

Fort Worth Magazine: You mentioned that you’re one of the only American Lighting Association lighting consultants in the state. What does that mean for the business?

Paul: A lot of things. I know a lot more than others in the industry. Many people don’t realize there are a lot of technological aspects that go into the lighting industry — with the controls and switches — and I have a lot more expertise in that area than others. 

There's a lot that goes into lighting, so having that knowledge and expertise is able to leverage our work.

Fort Worth Magazine: Do you have a favorite product or style you really like to work with?

Paul: I enjoy them all, but I’d say I liked working on landscaping lighting the most. It's always fun to see exterior lights at nighttime.

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